ARCHANGELA originated from this idea:

If we got from nature the best active elements from its seeds, fruits, flowers, algae, rocks – in their purest, most concentrated and unadulterated form – and offered them to our skin, it would drink up those precious elixirs and show off all of its potentials through the softness, tone uniformity, succulence and firmness of the skin.

Experience in these active elements comes not just from biological and medical knowledge but also from the purely nutritional and aesthetic.

We have searched the most secret places, far and wide, for the most refined flower, the most active clay and the bio- marine plasma with the highest protein content, and a drop of oil from that most exquisite seed and we have brought all of them together in these delicate, highly concentrated and powerful products.

We want you to partake of our experience, and share in its inescapable strength and subtle and conclusive language.

Its action unfolds into the deep and superficial layers of the skin and extends to the senses, which capture the intensity of its fragrant presence, the minutiae of its chromatic scales and textures and the warmth of its touch.

We are working on a discrete and measured production wherein all of the above will become possible.

We do not want to reject anything – neither the subtle nor the obvious – so as to underscore the truth that within the diminutive resides that which is truly great.

The origins of Archangela

It all started as a personal project. All we wanted was a product for our very own use. We began from what we knew medically about the skin and its importance to our relationship with the environment, its properties and its needs.

We delved into the world of the best active ingredients that nature had to offer. As we looked into this universe, we were attracted to its variety, its richness and all of its potential.

Our goal did not go beyond obtaining from them that which could be the most akin to our idea of the ideal cosmetic. Quality was our only objective.

We were not worried about being profitable and we wanted to pursue a “BIO” range whose consumption is also environmentally friendly. Thus, we began to explore from among the most active, the most pure, the most concentrated and efficacious ingredients.

Our oils are extracted from the first cold pressing of the seed or fruit from which we obtain the most precious, the most delicate and the finest ingredients.

These very limited drops of juice disappear when heat pressure is applied successively to the plant in order to obtain a more generous amount of their oils.

These are not at all worthless but they are of no use to us because they have lost part of the richness of the first extract.

This so very demanding selection of our oils, extracts and hydrolats is painstaking and expensive but it is only through this that we are able to achieve an end product built on excellence.

We know that the skin is exacting and it discriminates from among the food and drinks that we offer it.

Many other active ingredients (marine products, minerals, some berries or seeds...) are extracted using complex methods that require biotechnology: expert and sophisticated laboratory procedures that allow us to choose that special repairing protein; that cell that is going to be capable of activating the skin tissue; that molecule that improves the extra- cellular cement of the epidermic matrix; those sugars that absorb the water that keeps our skin moist; that enzyme that provokes a reaction that ageing or photodamage tries to block.

This meticulous route starting from the most simple and the most selected to the most elaborate and the most complex provides us with wonderful ingredients whose balance and studied combination have resulted in the making of our products.

In this fascinating process, we have tried, enjoyed and discovered tiny and minute worlds and have become better for

We have shared ideas and brainstormed with our friends until we were able to reach this stage of progress.

And now that we are satisfied with our results, we want to share them with a few more people.

Dra. Mª José Martínez Caballero