Fluido Fitoaromático Aceites Raros - 30 ml


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Hydrolats of orange blossoms, roses, verbena and cucumber extracts. Kiwi, seabuckthorn, pomegranate, carrot, passion fruit, rose hip, rosemary, prickly pear and hazel nut oils. Aloe gel, honey, Vitamin B5, Q10 coenzyme, silk proteins, edelweiss extracts, royal jelly powder, collagen, elastin and reaffirming and biorestructuring plant complexes, Vitamin C and E as well as essential oils of neroli, cypress, rosewood, patchouli, tea tree rosalina manuca, sandalwood, lavender, sage and galbanum.


Light fluid but very concentrated in its properties: antiageing, antioxidant, skintightening and remineralizing

Satiny finish and without grease

Perfect for any time of day: lightens up, repairs, tenses, remineralizes, and protects against the sun

A very good make up foundation as it improves the adherence of make up on the skin, making it more luminous and lasting. Can be used on the regular moisturiser (for a perfectly smooth, tight and satiny finish) or directly on clean skin and always when the skin needs extra vitality and luminosity.

Moisturises without being oily; erases signs of fatigue; reenergises the complexion and produces an immediate feeling of comfort.

A very special gift for the skin that we are able to offer you in your daily skin care. A real treat for you and your skin.


Tones, regenerates, refreshes and softens the skins. Perfect for dry skin.


Good tensor that also regenerates, refreshes, softens and calms the redness and irritations of the skin


Reaffirms the tissues; tones, refines, softens, heals and calms the skin texture. Perfect for dry skin.


Cucumber, which is always used in cosmetics, is valued for the richness of its trace elements, vitamins and minerals. Aside from this, its enzymes block the synthesis of the melanin responsible for pigmentation spots. Furthermore, the Vitamin B9 that it contains favours the growth and regeneration of skin cells, fundamental in
the fight against the ageing of the skin. Its rich Vitamin C content acts as an antioxidant on the skin tissue. Its properties go from deep moisturising to regenerating and renovating the skin tissue aside from clarifying, improving, softening, calming and refreshing the complexion. This is highly recommended for fragile and
sensitive skin.


Abundantly contains ProVitamin A, Vitamin E, Omega Acids 3 and 6 and palmitoleic acid, which make the oi
l great for solar protection. It is also a wonderful antiageing oil as it greatly softens and heals the skin exceptionally thanks to its antioxidants and antiradical properties. It is good for tired, mature, dry and dehydrated skins as well as skin that lacks gloss and tone. Its regenerating antioxidant power protects the skin from ageing and dehydration. It calms irritated and restructured skin and repairs the hydrolipidic film of the skin. It is good as an anti inflammatory and decongestant and is exceptional for healing wounds and irritations.


Its bioflavonoids and Vitamin F content gives it antiradical and antiage properties for the skin. It also has abundant carotenoids or ProVitamin A, Vitamin K and squalene, fundamental components of the skin surface that provide protection, maximum hydration and antiageing properties for the skin. 


An exquisite and delicate juice appreciated for its concentration. Valued for the difficulty of extracting the juice and the enormous amount of seeds necessary to obtain a few drops. Rich in phytosterols, Omega 3 and Vitamin E, which repair and revitalise mature and tired skin. Calms irritated or red skin; repairs and nourishes dull and mature skin, even those that are very sensitive and delicate.


It is very rich in punicic acid, which gives it antiinflammatory and calming properties. Also rich in linoleic and oleic acids, stearic and palmitic acids as well as phytosterols and Vitamin E. It is a strong antioxidant and its antiradical action allows it to fight against the effects of UV rays, stress and pollution thus preventing wrinkle formation. It also has antiageing action because it repairs and regenerates the skin thanks to the phytosterols that stimulate the skin's repair mechanisms and the formation of keratinocytes. Best for mature and delicate skins that are prone to irritations and redness. Also a good protection for sunlight.


Very rich in Vitamin A. Protects against the sun and provides even skin tone. A great antioxidant, which delays ageing and gives light and vitality to dull skin. 


Rose hip oil is obtained by cold pressing seeds of the Rosa Affinis Rubiginosa plant, which originates in South America in the Andean Region of Chile. The cosmetic characteristics of this oil come from its high content of essential fatty acids, which research has established favours the biosynthesis of the prostaglandins and therefore, have stimulating and refreshing characteristics in the physiological processes of the epidermis. Thus, it is not a cosmetic oil used only for its normal purpose as a moisturiser / skin protector but also as a
regenerator, ideal for the treatment of wounds, sores and abrasions while being an efficient remedy for delicate and opaque nails. Detailed studies have proven that it regenerates cells: maintains skin elasticity and turgidity (consistency), prevents and slows down the ageing process of the skin tissue.


It is a precious oil difficult to obtain by cold pressing the grains of the Opuntia Cactus, whose composition only has 5% of the juice, which makes this oil rare and costly. It is a very much appreciated cosmetic ingredient because of its interesting action on the skin. Its exceptional richness in Vitamin E and Omega 6 and 9 fatty
oils have made it a very strong antioxidant and antiradical agent in fighting free radicals and skin ageing. The abundant presence of sterols (stigmasterol, campesterol and sitosterol) contributes to give firmness and elasticity to the skin. 


Aside from its fatty acids like the previous ones mentioned, this oil is rich in phytosterols and Vitamin E, which give it soothing, repairing and healing qualities. It is easily absorbed and not greasy and regulates the
sebaceous secretion of the skin tissue.

EDELWEISS EXTRACT (leontopodium alpinum)

A flower with very a important concentration of components such as phenol acids of which the chlorogenic acid is a powerful antiradical that stops the peroxidation of the lipids, protecting the Collagen III that is very important in protecting the skin from the ravages of time. Other components such as Lutein stop the action of
enzymes like the hyaluronidase or elastase thus maintaining the integrity of the skin. It also has antiseptic and antiinflammatory properties. Antiageing, antiinflammatory, healing, antioxidant softener: this protects the skin from external ageing forces.


A powerful antioxidant and protector of the cellular membrane, it works in synergy with Vitamin E. It is one of the first elements that disappears with age and repairing it is very important in preventing the degradation of the collagen and restoring the skin's lipidic barrier to maintain the good performance of the cellular membranes and keep the skin firm and welltoned. It also invigorates the production of the energy on the cellular level.


Extracts of flax grains on birch juice with redensifying and proven firming effects. An exceptional element for skin antirelaxation and antiageing. Stimulates the synthesis of glycosaminoglycans, components of the extracellular matrix of the skin, which provide it with elasticity and volume. Prevents the degradation of the
collagen and helps in maintaining the structure and the firmness of the skin, which firms and tenses thereby avoiding the sagging of its tissues. Provides tone, volume and hydration to avoid the loss of water in the tissue. Perfect for dull skin or skin that lacks muscular tone.


The centella asiatica

It is a very resistant twining or climbing plant that grows in tropical areas and as indicated by its name, it comes from Asia. It is an exceptional antiwrinkle complex agent and it restores the tissues. Recommended for wrinkles and also for the most pronounced skin scars and imperfections due to the ravages of time. It controls the formation of collagen and elastic fibers suitable for all kinds of skin complexions, even those with acne, because of its strong healing properties. What stands out in its composition is the asiaticoside, which stimulates fibroblast activity that has a replenishing and regenerating effect when the production of collagen, a vital protein in healing, is stimulated.

Centella Asiatica is known in Asia as Tiger Grass because hunters follow traces of these huge beasts by observing the marsh marigolds since wounded tigers are accustomed to wallow and roll around these bushes to cure their wounds. In Indian pharmacopoeia, Centella Asiatica is considered to be an almost magic plant.

The Legend of the Tiger Grass. As an aside, let us be reminded of this legend, which, apart from its great poetry, makes clear the extraordinary properties of the Centella Asiatica.

Once upon a time, in a small village in Laos, on the banks of the Mekong River, two young people loved each other tenderly. She was the very beautiful Yunli, aged sixteen and the only daughter of the village chieftain. He was a woodcutter, handsome and poor. Yunli's father was filled with rage when his daughter announced that she wanted to get married to that man whom he considered ragged and shabby. Mad with anger, he unsheathed his javelin, rushed out to look for the young man and pierced him on the belly.

Save yourself, woodcutter, he shouted, and take care not to cross my path again. After that challenge, he added:

In any case, I am going to give you another opportunity: if tomorrow, the wound that I have made in your belly is healed, it is because you are more powerful than I am and you will have the right to ask for the hand of Yunli. The young woodcutter ran away, followed by the taunts of the village peasants. Very often, he had observed how the tigers rolled around the ground covered with rampant plants to heal their wounds. He decided to try out this remedy on himself. He spent the night applying Tiger Grass on his wound. The following morning, when the first rays of the sun came out, instead of the wound, there remained only a pinkish scar just like the color of daybreak. The woodcutter went back to the village and there, in the middle of the village square, before all the stunned village people, he showed them that his wound had already healed. The father of Yunli had to keep his promise: he handed over his daughter to the one who had shown that he was more powerful than he was. The lovers were very happy and the woodcutter became very rich and very much loved by selling to everyone who was hurt

The Tiger Grass, which he owed his happiness to.


One of the oldest medicinal plants originally from the Middle East, Fenugreek is of the clover family and grown in China, the Ukraine and India. Its active ingredients: mucilage, unsaturated lipids, proteins, saponosides, steroids , mineral salts with emphasis on iron, manganese and phosphorus, as well as phytosterols, Vitamins A, D and B (B1, B2, B3, B5, B8) and enzymes. Its high content in mucilage and proteins gives it the capacity to firm up the skin although classically, it was used for acne, skin infections, sores and eczemas.


Originally from the prairies of the centre of the United States, this had been used by the Sioux Indians and others for centuries. Etymologically speaking, echinacea comes from the Greek word Echinos, which means Erizo (a seed vessel having hooks or prickles) in allusion to the shape of the flower and the fruit. As the colonies extended further to the west, many different applications of the echinacea came to light so that by the end of the 19th Century, it was included as a medicinal plant in Western pharmacopoeia. Among its components, the following stand out: alkaloids, amino acids, group B vitamins, Vitamin C and minerals such as iron, chromium, silicone, calcium or magnesium. It is wellknown as an antiseptic, a skin clarifier, an exfoliant and an astringent. Also good for skin restructuring.


Aqueous extract of the algae fucus vesiculosus. Contains organic iodine, alginates, silica, fucosides, essential oils, carbohydrates, minerals and bitter substances. The fucane, fucosterol, alginic acid and polyunsaturated fatty acids found in its contents make it a wonderful active firming agent, a tissue cleanser and a remineralizing agent. Its silicone contributes to building the bridges of collagen that maintain the tone of the epidermis tissue. It eliminates the flaccidity of the face and the neck.


Known for its healing, soothing and purifying properties, it is an authentic treasure for beautifying dry skin. It contains important amounts not only of Vitamin B, minerals and amino acids but also of nutrients and hydrogen peroxide that are bactericidal and antiseptic. It favours skin hydration, regeneration and repair with
its soothing and antiinflammatory qualities.


A cocktail of vitamins, trace elements and minerals to revitalise any kind of dull or tired skin and to protect it from dehydration. It is a wonderful concentration of nourishing active, purifying and moisturising ingredients to take care of the skin. It is rich in proteins and sugars that give optimum softness to the skin and make it an enormous potential for hydration. Rich in Vitamin B5, a component of the coenzyme A, this is an essential molecule for maintaining the good performance of the dermic cells and the hydroxydecenoic acid stimulates the production of collagen. It is a strong antimicrobial and antioxidant.


A protein concentrate that softens and protects the skin from dehydration


Extracted through marine biotechnology from the membrane of the Laminaria Ochroleuca (also known as the ÒGolden Seaweed), it is used to avoid photodamage and photoageing. It balances the hydration of the cells and protects the integrity of the DNA. It is the most advanced, biological and active solar protection that lessens the inflammation brought about by the sun thanks to the action of the phosphatidylcholine, the alpha lipoic acids, the Vitamins A and E and the coenzyme Q10. It acts on the monocytes and keratinocytes and protects the extracellular matrix of the cells by avoiding the destruction of the collagen. Its components also act on themselves as moisturisers thus keeping the hydrolipidic film healthy and wrinkle free (the coenzyme Q10 prevents the action of the free radicals). It protects the metabolism of the skin from the sun, external agents and physiological ageing.


In ascorbyl form, it blocks the production of melanin, stopping the effect of the tyrosine. It clarifies and efficiently lights up the skin, considerably increasing the production of collagen, improving the tone and regenerating the Vitamin E contents of the skin. It has antiinflammatory effects.


In tocopherol form, it protects the cellular membranes of the free radicals. It is the main antioxidant agent in the human epidermis and its scarcity is one of the principal indicators of the environmental oxidative damage that the skin suffers.


Carrot Oil: a regenerator and revitaliser; a strong antiwrinkle agent and skin tonic; used for treating couperose or skin blotches, age spots, tired or atonic skin.

Regenerates dry, mixed or oily skin.

Cypress: an antiinflammatory and skin soothing agent. Improves skin firmness.

Good for allergies, skin irritations or sun spots / damage.

Rose: Cellular regenerator in the caring of wrinkles and sensitive, irritated or tired skin. Improves stretch marks and firms up the tissues. A wonderful healing treatment for facial care.

Lavender: a powerful healer and regenerator. Suitable for irritated or inflamed skin as it soothes and improves the skin.

Patchouli: favours skin circulation and metabolism. A great healing agent for stretch marks, sores, wrinkles, dermatosis or dry, dull and atonic skin.

Sandalwood: stimulates venous and lymphatic circulation; regenerates the skin and revitalises the tissue. Used in skin care for wrinkles, varicose ulcers, eczemas and couperose or skin blotches.

Rosewood: a slightly woody essential oil that has soothing properties. It regenerates and prevents skin ageing. Beneficial for wrinkles, stretch marks, problems in scarring, dermatitis and irritations. Its firming qualities are going to improve the quality of the skin tissue.


Light fluid but very concentrated in its properties: antiageing, antioxidant, skin tightening and remineralizing

Satiny finish and without grease

Perfect for any time of day: lightens up, repairs, tenses, remineralizes, and protects against the sun

A very good makeup foundation as it improves the adherence of makeup on the skin, making it more luminous and lasting. Can be used on the regular moisturiser (for a perfectly smooth, tight and satiny finish) or directly on clean skin and always when the skin needs extra vitality and luminosity.

Moisturises without being oily; erases signs of fatigue; reenergises the complexion and produces an immediate feeling of comfort.

A very special gift for the skin that we are able to offer you in your daily skin care. A real treat for you and your skin.


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